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Welcome to Latchset

Clevis & Tang

Clevis is a plugable framework for automated decryption. It can be used to provide automated decryption of data or even automated unlocking of LUKS volumes. Tang is a server for binding data to network presence.


Custodia is a service to manage, retrieve and store secrets.

Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)

josé is a C-language implementation of the Javascript Object Signing and Encryption standards with plugable backends. pyjose provides bindings for Python.

jwcrypto is a pure Python implementation of JOSE on top of PyCA cryptography.

KDC Proxy (Kerberos over HTTPS)

kdcproxy is a WSGI module for proxying Kerberos KDC requests over HTTPS by following the MS-KKDCP protocol specification.

libverto (verto)

libverto is an asynchronous event loop abstraction library. It provides a C interface which is backend-agnostic, as well as several backends, and can select a provider at either compile-time or run-time.


Misc and experimental projects.